Celebrating Earth Day, Every Day

Consider this: you buy an inexpensive bottle of conventional shampoo at the drugstore. Sure, it’s a plastic bottle, which probably isn’t the most environmentally friendly choice. And yes, the product has some chemicals (think SLS, propylene glycol and more) in it. But it’s just one bottle. And you plan to recycle it anyway. So, what’s the big deal?

The unfortunate truth is that it’s a much bigger deal than you might realize. Let’s start with that little plastic bottle. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade, which means it stays in the environment forever. Today, even plankton end up eating microplastics and absorbing their toxins, carrying those toxins up through the food chain and right back to humans. What’s worse? By 2050, the world’s oceans will contain more plastic than fish by weight.

Meanwhile, there’s the chemical-filled product inside that bottle too. You lather up your hair, absorbing small amounts of chemicals each time you shower, accumulating them in your own system and putting yourself at risk. Then, of course, you rinse those chemicals down the drain, ensuring that they find their way into the water supply, spilling into oceans and soaking into forests, slowly damaging eco-systems and bio-accumulating in animals, plants and humans as they go.

And sure, your single bottle of shampoo might not tip the scale. It’s just one bottle after all. But if we all make those kind of compromises on human and environmental safety every day? Let’s just say our future will be pretty bleak.

Here’s the good news: At True Botanicals, we are deeply committed to creating products that are safe for both humans and the environment. We are confident that you don’t have to compromise safety and peace of mind for amazing results. It’s always been important to us that our products are as good for you (and the planet) as they are effective. No excuses, no shortcuts.

So, in honor of Earth Day, we wanted to share a few of the important ways that we are working to raise the bar in the beauty industry and create products you can feel good about.

1. Our Made Safe Certification

In the US, most of the 84,000 chemicals in use today have not been tested for safety. And, while the EU has banned over 1100 chemicals for use in personal care products, the US has banned less than 20. As a result, it often falls to companies to self-regulate and there’s a real lack of transparency and understanding around who (and what!) you can trust.

We decided to put our entire product line through the extremely rigorous Made Safe certification process, because we didn’t want you to have to just take our word for it. Made Safe looks at the entire formulation process from ingredient supply chain, to ingredient percentages to packaging and only certifies products that are guaranteed to be safe, from start to finish, for humans and for the environment.

It’s not easy to achieve this certification, and one of of our most beloved products, Retinol Night Serum didn’t stand up to the test. But, in the end, we believe that if a product isn’t absolutely safe, it’s just not worth making. With Made Safe, you can rest assured that we’re remaining true to that commitment.

2. Our Packaging Choices

Yes, our brown glass bottles look pretty in your medicine cabinet. And their dark color also keeps the product inside fresher, longer. However, we didn’t pick glass simply for its good looks. Glass is the most easily recycled packaging material available today. It is 100% recyclable for its entire lifespan, and does not lose quality or purity or degrade (and leak chemicals) the way that plastic does. It keeps your skincare products clean, potent and free from any unwanted toxins (think BPA, which often leaks from plastic bottles into the products that they contain).

And what about the aluminum we use to bottle up our hair and body care products? We put some thought into that too. We’d love to deliver your shampoo in a gorgeous glass bottle, but have you ever shattered a glass bottle in your shower? It’s not a pretty picture. So, we chose non-BPA lined aluminum, which is safe, durable and the second most easily recycled material in existence today. Plus, it looks pretty good in your bathroom too.

3. Our Commitment to Quality Sourcing

When it comes to sourcing our ingredients, we have scoured the world to ensure we are bringing you the very best. For us, it is crucial that our ingredients are potent and clean, but it’s equally important that their cultivation is sustainable for the environment and the community too.

For example, we source our sandalwood from a family-owned business on the Big Island of Hawaii. Before they took over the land, the natural sandalwood forest was stressed and endangered by over-farming and cattle grazing. However, with their sustainable techniques and reforestation plan, the native dryland forest is now thriving.

Similarly, we source our organic, sustainable palm oil from an organization in Nicaragua. They combine centuries-old indigenous growing techniques with modern technology to support the strongest, most sustainable crops and to ensure the ongoing health of the soil. They employ multi-cropping to bring diverse insects and nutrients to the soil (and to support the local community), they reuse extra water and recycle unused palm leaves for carbon-rich compost and mulch, among many other techniques. Plus, the business helps to support and grow the infrastructure and development of the local community, a mission which is equally important to our choice.

So, what can you do? Supporting Made Safe brands, eliminating single-use plastic from your day-to-day routine and avoiding toxic self-care products is a good start. While we are confident that the products we make are some of the safest, cleanest options out there, we’d never pretend that we’re not learning and improving every day. We want to create radical change in this industry and we invite each of you to join us in that mission. So, if you ever have suggestions for ways we can improve our products or better support the environment, we’re all ears. Just e-mail us at trueteam@truebotanicals.com. We’d love to hear from you!