Concerns About Retinol

06 17 2016

When we started True Botanicals, our mission wasn’t to make just another skin care line.

During our Made Safe Certification process, we had the opportunity to work closely with their Made Safe scientists and look even more deeply into the safety of our products.

We’re (very) happy to report there were few surprises. We learned that our rigorous ingredient vetting process is serving us well. What was discovered, however, was that the retinol we were purchasing is preserved with BHT.

Here is what we uncovered about the retinol that is sold to manufacturers today:

• Most retinol, and certainly the most stable forms of retinol, are all preserved with BHT.

They then may be preserved further with a variety of methods such as chitin microencapsulation. When we initially procured our retinol, we were told that our retinol was stabilized through chitin encapsulation. There was no disclosure that the raw material they begin with is preserved with BHT. We brought this to our supplier’s attention and they now list BHT on their ingredient listing for microencapsulated retinol.

• Some retinol is preserved with alternative preservatives such as vitamin E. While certainly safer, it is not as effective at preserving retinol. We do not see the point in selling our clients a retinol that isn’t stable since it would be rendered ineffective in a very short amount of time.

Since we can’t overlook our concern of potential toxicity or pretend that retinol preserved with vitamin E is effective, we sought an alternative, something that all of us here in Mill Valley would feel confident in using ourselves and recommending to others. The solution that rose to the top was a potent duo of our Topical Vitamin C Treatment combined with our clinically proven Face Serum. This provides a Made Safe Certified way to nourish skin, repair cellular damage, deliver Tripeptide 29 to stimulate collagen production and fight free radical damage, a.k.a. wrinkles. All without crossing our fingers on safety or results.

When we started True Botanicals, our mission wasn’t to make just another skin care line. It was to craft bio-active formulations that delivered unparalleled results without compromising your safety.

In making the decision to discontinue Night Serum with Retinol, we remain true to our mission.

We are so appreciative of a community that shares our values and is equally devoted to staying true to them.