The Essential Dry Skin Survival Guide

03 06 2017

Is your skin dry, flaky, irritated and inflamed? Yep, ours too. Which is why we came up with a few tricks to revive dehydrated skin - and protect it against future winter dryness too!


Winter is coming to a close, which means that pretty soon we’ll all be shedding a few layers and showing some skin again. Except, all that cold weather and dry air probably hasn’t left your dermis in the best shape.


Is your skin dry, flaky, irritated and inflamed? Yep, ours too. Which is why we came up with a few tricks to revive dehydrated skin - and protect it against future winter dryness too!


Concern: Dry Lips

Solution: If your lips are perpetually rough and chapped, winter can feel like an uphill battle. And, the truth is, no amount of Vaseline will be able to save them in this scenario. A better option? Smooth a thin layer of our Resurfacing Moisture Mask on clean, dry lips (30 seconds, not more!). The lactic acid in the mask will gently exfoliate your lips, removing the dry, dead skin and revealing a smoother, softer layer beneath. Follow up with a thick coat of our Smoothing Eye & Lip Balm (now available in a luxe silver compact!). The nourishing oils in the balm’s formula help to replace moisture and keep it sealed in, naturally.


Concern: Overall Dry Skin

Solution: Throughout the year, many factors contribute to dry skin. Indoor heating, cold climates (or just dry ones!), plane travel and even regular old dehydration. When your skin gets thirsty, it can become rough, inflamed, sensitive and sallow. Drinking water is a crucial step to reversing the dryness, but there’s a way to give your skin a boost from the outside too.


When you’re feeling extra dry, try applying your Body Oil in the bathtub. Your pores will naturally soak up all the incredible nutrients from the oil and you’ll emerge from the water feeling soft as a baby - and not at all greasy. We know it sounds pretty crazy, but you just have to try it. For an extra bit of self-love, follow up with a layer of our decadent body balm after you towel off from the tub. The ultra-luxe oils like Pricky Pear Seed help to support and heal your skin’s natural barrier function, allowing it to seal in moisture and stay soft and smooth even longer.


Concern: Rough Cuticles

Solution: What it does for your lips, our Smoothing Eye & Lip Balm can do for your other delicate skin too! In winter, cuticles can be one of the first areas to suffer. But, if you gently rub a little of our balm into each cuticle, and you’ll notice an improvement nearly instantly. We keep it in jars and have been known to apply multiple times on particularly dry days.


Concern: Fine lines

Solution: To add insult to an already unpleasant situation, when your skin dries out, it tends to look more wrinkled too. Now we’re all for embracing our imperfections, but as far as we can tell, nobody’s beauty goal is to look extra wrinkly. To help combat the appearance of fine lines when your skin is extra dry, try running a tiny bit of extra Deep Repair Eye Serum across the creases of your mouth at night. It lends its healing, skin-plumping powers equally well to the rest of the face as it does to the eyes, helping to smooth out any unwanted lines.


Concern: Flyaway hairs

Body oil: Every winter, like clockwork, our hair starts to act up. Pieces that easily fall into place in Spring and Fall suddenly look frizzy and disheveled. We’ve tried dozens of products to tame our manes, but in the end we always come back to our Body Oil. Run a drop or two through the ends of your hair and not only will your mane look sleek all day, but the oil will actually prevent further damage and moisturize your strands too.