True Results: Leslie's Clear Collection Transformation

TB: Tell us about your skin—when was acne first a problem for you? 
Leslie: I had acne in high school, but it all went away once I got on the pill. After doing more research on the side effects of birth control, I decided to eliminate the pill, and my acne came back with a vengeance. I was depressed, anxious, and honestly hopeless. I barely wanted to put on nice clothes or makeup because I was so self-conscious.

TB: What did you try in the past, and did you see results?
Leslie: I tried every product you can think of and every supplement on the market. Nothing worked.

TB: How did you discover True Botanicals?
Leslie: I discovered True Botanicals at a local green beauty store in Nashville—Lemon Laine. She didn’t carry the Clear line, but told me it would be amazing for my skin. I definitely wanted to do only nontoxic treatments. I was nervous at first about the oil, but after just one use I was hooked because it absorbed so well and felt so healing.
TB: What’s your True Botanicals routine?
Leslie: I use almost all of the products TB has! I do the Clear Cleanser, the Clear Toner, the Clear Oil, and at night I do the Antioxidant Booster or Vitamin C Booster with the Clear Cellular Repair Serum. I also use the sunscreen, lip balm, and under-eye serum. I’m hooked on everything.

TB: How do you describe your skin now after using True Botanicals?
Leslie: It is truly night and day. I have never seen my skin look so healthy, and I finally feel like myself again. Even my fiancé is hooked on True Botanicals now, and I’ve gotten a ton of friends on it! It’s the best thing you can do for your skin.

TB: What advice would you give to someone else suffering with acne?
Leslie: Nontoxic acne remedies like True Botanicals work even better than the chemical ones! I see time with acne as a journey into discovering more about yourself and your body—use it as a time to meditate, go to yoga, and find yourself. You can learn a lot when you’re in a transition period.