True Results: Tina’s Clear Collection Transformation

Acne can arrive suddenly, and it’s often driven by not-so-obvious factors, like environment. Tina never struggled with breakouts until she moved across the country to a different climate. After a consultation with our True Team, including a thorough assessment of lifestyle factors like environment, she finally found a routine that got, and has kept, her skin clear for the first time in three years. Thrilled with her results, she reached out to us to share her story.

TB: When did acne first become a problem for you? 
Tina: I never struggled with my skin until just before I turned thirty. I moved from a very humid climate to an extremely dry climate at a high elevation in Colorado. I just couldn’t get my skin under control for a good three years. My skin was dry, but it was also breaking out at the same time—it was a really challenging situation. It had also lost all of its dewiness; it was just dehydrated with breakouts and constant redness.

TB: What did you try in the past? 
Tina: I went to a dermatologist and they of course wanted to give me an oral antibiotic, even though I tried telling them that I think it’s environmental. Whenever I would go back to humid climates, my skin would do great. I wasn’t comfortable with that option, so I tried a topical antibiotic and a retinol cream, which did nothing. I tried every sample Sephora had to offer, and I caved to expensive products like La Mer and Obagi. I saw some subtle results with a medical-grade skincare line, but my skin would still plateau and temporarily stop responding at times. I spent so much money on products that did nothing.  

TB: How did you discover True Botanicals?
Tina: True Botanicals kept catching my eye online and in magazines. I had read a lot about face oils and was open to them, but nervous at the same time. I was fed up with creams, though; they would just sit on the surface of my face and never actually change how my skin looked. When I finally made my way to the True Botanicals website, I was really inspired by some of the featured stories about acne I had found. True Botanicals also offered consultations and samples. My consultation was on the phone and very thorough, and I never felt like I was being sold something. Once I got my samples and started using them, my skin responded almost immediately, and I had no bad reactions like I experienced with other brands.

TB: What is your current routine? 
Tina: I use the cleanser, toner, and oil from the Clear Collection, plus the Antioxidant Booster, Renew Serum, and Resurfacing Mask—so basically everything, ha! But I added as I went along. I started with just the cleanser and oil, but I loved the products so much that I just kept adding. I use the serum and booster at night after cleansing and moisturizing, and I use the mask about once a week. My must-haves are definitely the oil (miracle product) and wash. It’s great to finally find a skin-clearing wash that doesn’t leave my face feeling stripped and dry, just clean and hydrated.

TB: How would you describe your skin now after using True Botanicals?
Tina: My skin has been pretty consistently clear and finally not dry. If a small breakout occurs, I can get it under control pretty quickly and it actually heals, which wasn’t the case before. The other thing I’ve noticed is that in the past, when I would go to a humid climate and then return to Colorado, it would take my skin over two weeks to get back to normal. Now, I see no change—it stays balanced the whole time.

TB: Now that your skin has improved, do you feel any different? 
Tina: I’m a hairstylist and makeup artist by trade. I feel so much more confident knowing that I can keep my skin under control. I no longer feel like I need to wear ten pounds of makeup. It was challenging to try and make other people feel good about themselves when I was struggling with something that was so visible, that I couldn’t hide.

TB: What made you want to share your story?
Tina: I’m really grateful to have found True Botanicals. I wasn’t even asked by the brand to send these photos in. I did it by choice, because reading other people’s skincare journeys with True Botanicals is how I decided to trust the brand. And if I could help someone else do the same, I thought, why not?

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