True Talk: Olivia Wilde on Self-Care and Scent

To celebrate the launch of our Aromatherapy Collection, we sat down with Olivia Wilde, our chief brand activist, to discuss the mind-body benefits of scent, her stuck-in-traffic ritual, and the reason she’s calling our new essential oil blends a “game-changer.”

Q: Our new Aromatherapy Collection is our first foray into fragrance, but you’ve talked a lot about how much you love the aroma of all of our products—how does it impact you?
A: I  value the scent experience of the True Botanicals line as much as I do the physical skin benefits. When I put on the Clear Oil, I can feel the emotional difference that creates a calming effect, and that probably then affects my skin. I think it's all interconnected. When I put on the Body Oil, I get a certain feeling. I wash my face and feel better. Sometimes I'll take a shower just because I want that True Botanicals aromatherapy steam bath experience. And, in fact, a lot of the essential oils in the new Aromatherapy Collection are already in the True Botanicals line—which I've considered to be a type of aromatherapy since I started using it.

Q: It sounds like you’re quite the fragrance connoisseur.
A: I’m very sensitive to scents. I have been since I was a kid—just really, really responsive, in good and bad ways. I'm the person who gets in the Uber, and if there's a bad air-freshener, I'm like: “I’ve got to get out." I can't stomach it. But that also means I really appreciate it when there are scents with real ingredients, because you can smell the difference, and you can feel the difference, because it has an immediate effect on your mental stage.

Q: Had you tried essential oils before?
I've leaned more towards essential oils for a long time, because I like that more pure quality. I don’t like when fragrance becomes corrupted with a lot of the different chemicals—it becomes alcohol-y and loses that organic scent, and then it smells more generic. Rather than that, I want something that's more specific to the kind of emotional state I’m trying to put myself in. And I do feel like you're doing a service by wearing a good scent, especially from essential oils, because other people get that aromatherapeutic experience just by being around you.

Q: What’s unique about the essential oil blends in our Aromatherapy Collection?
A: The ones I tried before weren’t as pure in terms of ingredients, and so they didn’t have the immediate effects that these have had for me. You know, occasionally I would run into a blend that seemed to be more effective, but it wasn't something that I was going to carry around with me. It was maybe something that an acupuncturist had, that I would smell it and say: "Wow, I love going here because she's got this blend." But to have it personalized for specific issues, to have it be an easy thing that I can take everywhere with me, and to have it formulated for easy application with a roller is a game-changer for me.

Q: How do they fit into your beauty and self-care routine?
A: I put them on in the morning as part of my getting-ready ritual. With Stress Relief, I will also apply it at work a couple of times. I'll do it in traffic. I'll do it before bed, and before a bath. I also just do it as-needed whenever I'm feeling stressed-out—the effects are pretty immediate. It really is kind of magical. And it's not the kind of thing you can overapply; it's subtle enough that you can continue putting it on, and get that dose of the aromatherapy without ever overdoing it.

Q: So you’re perfectly comfortable using the blends in public?
A: I was at dinner last night with my friend at a restaurant in New York, and I said: “You've got to try it right now.” I was just able to give her that experience in the moment, and then I could tell people at the other tables were like: "Why does it smell so good?" When you have fragrance in a spray form, you don't really like to pull it out in a restaurant and put it on. It's not a public activity. But there's something about rolling on aromatherapy that is subtle and unobtrusive, and sort of just lovely.

Q: It sounds like you consider these essential oil blends as personal fragrance, not just aromatherapy.
A: Oh yes. I love actually wearing these as a perfume. While I'm getting the therapeutic experience that I'm looking for, I'm also able to just smell really good.

Q: Which blend are you reaching for the most?
A: I have been grabbing the Stress Relief regularly. It says a lot about my life. I put it on under my ears, I put it on my neck, I scrub it on my hands, and I smell it—it really is kind of magical. Stress Relief is the one that I applied on the plane yesterday, and the flight attendant was like: “What is that?” Also, Muscle Release is central for me at the moment, because I'm editing my film, and I'm just sitting there in an edit suite all day long, very, very tense. I put it directly on the muscles, and it's amazing how fast the result is—it's because your nerve endings react within two minutes.

Q: Fingers crossed you haven’t had to use Immune Boost?
Immune Boost I use a lot because none of us can afford to get sick when we work hard. Also: I have two little kids, so there are just germs everywhere. It's a tornado of germs, and so Immune Boost I've been using on myself and also on them. They're getting really good at it now. They rub their little hands together and go—it's really sweet!

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