The Science of


Start at the source.

To truly address the causes of aging skin, you need to go straight to the source—to the cellular level—where aging happens. True Botanicals transforms aging skin by delivering the highest-impact ingredients to the deepest layers of the skin where they’re needed most.

Results not toxins.

So often, we find ourselves explaining that although our products are safe and organic, first and foremost, they deliver results. That’s because we choose ingredients that are biomimetic; in other words they mimic what’s naturally going on in the skin. We don’t need to use toxins to transform aging skin.

Undeniable proof.

At True Botanicals we rely on facts—not marketing hype—when it comes to promoting the efficacy of our products. That’s why we conduct independent clinical studies (randomized, comparative, double blind trials).

Of course it’s hard to know how just how significant our trial results are without having something to compare it to. So our trials also look at how True Botanicals performs against other brands, including the iconic Crème de La Mer. See our clinical trial results.