Nourishing Conditioner, FRESH

Nourishing Conditioner, FRESH | True Botanicals
Nourishing Conditioner, FRESH | True Botanicals

Nourishing Conditioner, FRESH

(Formerly, True Botanicals Conditioner)

Extra nutritive oils leave hair soft and silky without synthetics or weighing it down.

Why We Like It
Protects, nourishes, and restores hair’s shine. Provides anti-oxidant support for sun-exposed hair. Moisturizes and restores soft, silky, and healthy feeling hair. Suits normal, dry, damaged, and color treated hair.

Full Size (8 fl oz | 240 ml)

$ 34.00

(Formerly, True Botanicals Conditioner)

Extra nutritive oils leave hair soft and silky without synthetics or weighing it down.

Why We Like It
Protects, nourishes, and restores hair’s shine. Provides anti-oxidant support for sun-exposed hair. Moisturizes and restores soft, silky, and healthy feeling hair. Suits normal, dry, damaged, and color treated hair.

Full Size (8 fl oz | 240 ml)

Ingredient Glossary

  • Abyssian Oil:

    Derived from the mustard plant, Abyssinian Oil contains a high content of fatty acids, which help your skin cells retain water and get rid of toxins. Additionally, Abyssinian boasts a high number of Linoleic and Linolenic Acids: omega 6 which aids in skin regeneration and omega 3, an anti-inflammatory that conditions skin.

  • Adzuki Bean Powder:

    These are the magic words you want on your exfoliant's list of ingredients: Adzuki bean powder. It's a natural exfoliant that works without irritating skin in the slightest or causing environmental harm.

  • Algae Extract + Sodium Hyalurona:

    Your barrier function has a fantastic ally. With potent omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, Algae Oil is the perfect ingredient to replenish the lipid function of the skin, prevent Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), and help repair cellular damage caused by irritants

  • Algae Extract and Astaxanthin:

    A proprietary blend of essential fatty acids (EFAs), providing a high concentration of the all-important Omega-3 essential fatty acid known as EPA as well as DHA. Algae Extract and Astaxanthin contains one of the very few non-fish sources of these essential EFAs.

  • Algae Extract and Milk Thistle Seed Oil:

    The combination of Algae Extract and Milk Thistle Seed Oil deliver potent omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. It repairs the lipid function of the skin, increases facial hydration, prevents Trans Epidermal Water Loss (TEWL), restores barrier function, as well as helps in restoring cellular damage caused by irritants.

  • Aloe Leaf Extract:

    The healthier your scalp, the healthier your hair. This humectant prevents moisture loss while balancing and soothing the scalp.

  • Aloe Vera Liquid:

    Your epidermis adores this moisture-preserving humectant for good reason. The more it can prevent moisture loss, the fewer extra ingredients it needs to help add it back in. Besides preserving the epidermis’s water content, aloe vera also helps improve the skin's natural firmness via antioxidants like beta-Carotene, and vitamins C and E.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar:

    With Malic and Lactic Acids galore, Apple Cider Vinegar is an antibacterial that softens and exfoliates, reduces redness, and balances your skin’s pH.

  • Apricot Kernel Oil:

    This is what you feed deprived skin. Rich in fatty acids that contain vitamins A and E, this oil also offers oleic and linoleic acids that hydrate and plump cells while protecting against moisture loss.

  • Argan Oil:

    Rich in vitamin E and packed with essential fatty acids, Argan oil is an exceptional source of nutrients and hydration for the body that dates back to ancient times. We love it because it’s great at helping to balance the skin's natural oil production and improve overall texture and elasticity.

  • Astaxanthin:

    A jaw-dropping marvel that gets an A+ in practically everything. It's proven to improve skin elasticity and texture, stimulate collagen production, increase the moisture content of the corneocyte layer, strengthen cell membranes, reduce wrinkles, decrease melanin, and diminish dark circles and age spots. It also outperforms both vitamin E and vitamin C as an antioxidant and even boosts their effectiveness when combined.

  • Avena Oat Extract:

    Derived from the oatstraw herb, Avena Oat Extract contains polysaccharides like beta glucans, potent anti-inflammatory and calming properties, to smooth, soothe, and nourish. Gentle enough for all skin types but especially beneficial for those with sensitive, dry, or flaky skin, this ingredient never fails to help us keep calm and carry on.

  • Avocado Butter:

    This super rich ingredient is also rich in vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, protein, pantothenic acid, and fatty acids because your skin needs an emollient assist to keep it soft and pliable right after a deep exfoliation

  • Baobab Oil:

    Packed with with essential fatty acids omegas 3, 6, and 9 and vitamins A, D, E, and F, soft and silky Baobab Oil is a killer source of antioxidants that fight free radical damage and nourish the skin.

  • Beeswax:

    Beeswax is full of incredible benefits for the skin from moisturizing to antibacterial. When applied, it forms a thin layer which protects the skin from environmental damage and helps your skin to retain moisture. Beeswax is loaded with vitamin A which helps to rejuvenate cells and promote reconstruction.

  • Beta Glucan:

    This polysaccharide known for its ability to penetrate deeply, delivers significant anti-aging benefits because it moisturizes at the deepest layers of the skin.

  • Black Cumin CO2:

    Black Cumin Seed contains over one hundred vitamins, minerals, and EFA’s and has been used internally and topically since ancient times. Black Cumin Seed has incredible anti inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal properties that work to make and keep your skin clean and clear.

  • Black Willow Bark Extract:

    Meet the original salicylic acid, straight from nature herself. Unlike its less expensive, synthetically derived counterpart, it exfoliates skin without irritation or sensitivity.

  • Blackberry Seed Oil:

    It is extremely hard to keep vitamin C stable in a liquid and yet, nature has cracked the code with Blackberry seed oil. (Even lab created vitamin C can’t compete.) It’s also rich in vitamin E and lutein, so it’s a superstar at preventing and repairing cell damage.

  • Blue Chamomile Hydrosyl:

    An uber-impressive anti-inflammatory derived from the German chamomile plant. Beside possessing a high amount of calming azulene, it also has alpha bisabolol, an antifungal and antibacterial with a proven history of reducing healing time in skin burns.

  • Borage Oil:

    Derived from the beautiful Starflower Herb, Borage Oil helps keep your skin happy and healthy. Equipped with powerful anti-inflammatory effects, Borage Oil protects the skin and decreases water loss. Additionally it gives you a great source of gamma linoleic acid (GLA), an essential fatty acid that promotes skin growth.

  • Broccoli Seed Oil:

    A nutrient rich substance abundant in fatty acids and vitamins, Broccoli Seed Oil delivers a natural source of Vitamin C and A, fights free radicals, and offers protection from UV rays.

  • Calendula:

    Calendula Oil is ideal for sensitive skin because it is deeply moisturizing and has potent antibacterial properties while simultaneously soothing and calming inflamed skin.

  • Camellia Oil:

    Part exfoliant, part lubricant, this hardworking oil lets you woosh away dead skin cells like nobody's business by breaking down the oil complex that binds them together. It's also rich in antioxidants, so it fights the free-radical damage that creates wrinkles.

  • Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extract:

    Green and White Tea leaves contain the potent antioxidant catechins which protect your skin, scalp and hair from the oxidative stress that accompanies sun exposure. Green Tea has been shown to prevent the damage associated with skin cancer, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. Tea polyphenols have natural astringent, toning, soothing, and anti-inflammatory properties and prevent the enzymes that attack and break down your body's natural production of collagen and elastase.

  • Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside:

    Made from renewable, plant-derived raw materials, this nonionic surfactant gives your skin a soothing, mild, and clean cleanse.

  • Carrot Seed Oil:

    This powerhouse of the plant world is prized for its ability to regenerate skin tissues. A natural cold press method allows us to extract the maximum amount of its vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and F, so each drop is dense with antioxidants that protect your skin cells from the harsh, cruel world and bring back its tone, elasticity and tightness.

  • Ceramide Complex:

    Identical to the natural ceramides in human skin, Ceramide Complex effectively penetrates and enhances your own synthesis of ceramides to improve barrier function and keep the moisture in and toxins out.

  • Cetearyl Olivate:

    Cetearyl Olivate is a nonionic emulsifier made out of the ester of cetearyl alcohol and the fatty acids from Olive Oil. It is known to reduce skin water loss and have a rich moisturizing effect on the skin. A natural emulsifier, cetearyl olivate delivers all the benefits of Olive Oil to the skin.

  • Cherry Kernel Oil:

    Cherry Kernel Oil is packed full of antioxidants, alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols, vitamin A, and a linolenic acid that prevents UV absorption by forming a barrier on the skin.

  • Chia Seed Oil:

    There’s a reason people are crazy about Chia. A super source of omega-3 fatty acids, Chia Seed beats Flaxseed and Fish oil when it comes to nutrient rich fatty acids. Stimulating collagen and elastin in the skin to prevent sagging, Omega-3 fatty acids also help your skin cells retain moisture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Rich in vitamin B, chia seed offers serious anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Citric Acid:

    Derived from citrus fruits, Citric Acid can help shed dead, flaky skin and encourage cell turnover, helping to reduce the appearance of age spots, scars, wrinkles and improve overall tone and texture of the skin.

  • Cocomidoprophyl Hydroxy Sultain:

    Behind every great lather is a great surfactant. Unlike many shampoos, ours is naturally derived (from coconut) and gives a luxurious lather while offering excellent cleansing and moisturizing properties.

  • Coconut Oil:

    Coconut Oil is all the rage in DIY skincare and for good reason. Coconut Oil is a fantastic source of vitamin E, an antioxidant that fights free radicals and protects from UV damage to keep your skin's youthful properties in tact. Studies have shown that applying coconut oil aids in healing wounds by stimulating collagen production. Lastly, Coconut Oil is chock full of rich moisture for your skin.

  • Coffee Fruit Extract:

    Infused with antioxidants like vitamins E and C and polyphenols (super strength micronutrients that fight off disease) Coffee Fruit Extract combats photoaging and prevents skin cancer. How’s that for a two in one?

  • CoQ10:

    CoQ10 naturally occurs in the skin in collagen and elastin production but sadly, like many things, it decreases with age. A boost of CoQ10 helps to replenish collagen and elasticity while also providing a source of antioxidants to fight free radical and UV damage that cause the skin to appear older.

  • Cranberry Seed Oil:

    Packed with fatty acids, antioxidants, and omegas 3,6, and 9, Cranberry Seed Oil combats free radicals and UV damage. Beyond its stellar nutrients, Cranberry Seed Oil's hydrating and moisturizing effects are especially potent because the oil is so easily absorbed into the skin.

  • Cypress:

    Cypress Essential Oil contains camphene, a powerful antiseptic which enables it to heal wounds and infections quickly making it the perfect weapon in the fight against acne prone skin. Goodbye bacteria, blackheads, and blemishes, hello clear, confident skin.

  • Decyl Glucoside:

    Retaining the moisturizing properties of the coconut oil from which it is derived, Decyl Glucoside is a surfactant that also works to moisturize, smooth, and soften the skin.

  • Edelweiss Extract:

    Found primarily in the alps, Edelweiss has evolved to withstand the conditions of high altitudes and harsh weather conditions for centuries, making it the perfect antidote for your skin's battle against external forces. Packed with antioxidants, Edelweiss fights UV damage and environmental pollutants while also helping to renew and regenerate skin.

  • Ethylhexylglycerin:

    Ethylhexylglycerin is considered to be one of the safest preservatives available that prevents the growth of bacteria without affecting the beneficial flora of the skin.

  • Evening Primrose Seed Oil:

    Evening Primrose Seed Oil excels in reducing inflammation due to its high concentration of fatty acids— specifically the omega 6 fatty acid, gamma linoleic acid (GLA). Its hydrating properties also decrease annoying puffiness.

  • Ferulic Acid:

    This potent, ubiquitous plant antioxidant becomes more stable and effective when combined with vitamin C. Studies show that when used in concert with vitamin C, ferulic acid doubles photo protection, from 4 fold to 8 fold, as measured by both erythema (redness) and sunburn cell formation.

  • German Chamomile:

    Blue chamomile, derived from the German chamomile plant, has a high content of azulene, the active organic compound of chamomile and alpha bisabolol. Its potent anti-inflammatory skin healing characteristics and bioactive and therapeutic phytochemicals soothe the skin.

  • Glycan Booster:

    Proven to stimulate the biosynthesis of structural skin proteins, Glycan Boosters also tighten and hydrate the skin by promoting proteoglycans decorin and lumican which support the production of new collagen fibrils.

  • Glycerin:

    Derived from plant seed oils like palm, coconut, or non-GMO soy, Glycerin delivers a whole lotta goodness to our our skin. A humectant and an emollient, Glycerin helps maintain water balance on an intercellular level and works to make skin moist, soft and smooth. Glycerin also promotes skin matriculation and gives your skin cells the little boost they need.

  • Glycoproteins:

    A class of proteins that help the body recover from internal and external stresses and aid in cellular repair, Glycoproteins combine with saccharides to form the structures that make up the skin's intercellular matrix.

  • Grapeseed Oil:

    Not only is this light, easily absorbed oil blessed with the fabulous antioxidant polyphenol, it offers a hefty concentration of essential fatty acids, which we’re huge fans of given their proven ability to combat wrinkles. It’s also a fabulous source of nutrients like beta-carotene and vitamins D, C, and E.

  • Green Tea Oil:

    Emollient, nutritive and rich in antioxidant polyphenols, this oil actually dissolves the oil complex that holds dead skin cells together. Part exfoliant, part lubricant, green tea oil reduces flaking and improves appearance.

  • Helichrysum:

    Leave it to nature to create a stunning contradiction like the Helichrysm. Its antibacterial and antifungal properties have been used for centuries to fight infection, but it's also a soothing anti-inflammatory that heals wounds and minimizes scarring.

  • Hemp Seed Oil:

    Full of fatty acids like omega -3, omega-6, and gamma linoleic acid, Hemp Seed Oil is nutrient rich and delivers mega moisture to the skin. Additionally, its antibacterial properties strengthen the skin, making it less susceptible to infection and bacteria.

  • Homeostatine:

    A safe, synthetically formulated active complex, Homeostatine derives from seaweed and the gum of the Caesalpinia Spinosa flower. Homeostatine is unique as it works with your body to maintain homeostasis in the extracellular matrix, increasing your collagen production and inhibiting inflammation to leave the skin moisturized, firm, and elastic.

  • Hyaluronic Acid (Ultra Low Weight):

    We vote this powerful polysaccharide “Most Likely to Succeed” in helping barrier function. It steps in where our own naturally occurring hyaluronic acid leaves off to assist aging cells in retaining water. It also provides antioxidant defense against free radical damage and reduces inflammation.

  • Jojoba:

    Easily absorbed into and gentle on the skin, Jojoba Oil is a nutrient rich oil that comes with tons of benefits. With its moisturizing and anti-inflammatory properties and ability to regulate your skin’s natural oil production, Jojoba leaves your skin fresh, clean, and blemish free without clogging pores.

  • Kaolin Clay:

    Originally called "Chinese clay," this naturally soothing white mineral has long been used in skincare and medicinal treatments to gently remove impurities. It also regulates oil production and minimizes shine while maintaining moisture.

  • Kiwi Seed Oil:

    Kiwi Seed Oil is one of the richest plant sources of essential fatty acids that moisturizes the skin and restores elasticity. Better yet it’s a natural source of EFA’s, phytonutrients, minerals, vitamins E and C that fight free-radical damage associated with aging.

  • Kombucha:

    No wonder Kombucha makes us glow. It balances the ecosystem of skin, restores our pH, heals and detoxifies until our skin is luminous. (Oh, Kombucha. How we love you.)

  • L-asorbic Acid:

    Your skin tissues adore vitamin C. And collagen production thrives on it. While you can include this crucial antioxidant in your diet, the most effect way to directly target skin tissue is to apply fresh vitamins C topically.

  • Lactic Acid:

    This alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) is an effective exfoliant that also has significant antiaging benefits. It stimulates production of natural ceramides and hyaluronic acid to prevent moisture loss. Plus it helps lighten skin by inhibiting melanin-triggering enzymes.

  • Lecithin:

    Used primarily as an emulsifier, our soy-based non GMO Lecithin also delivers substances and nutrients to the deepest layers of the skin.

  • Lelechwa:

    We adore Lelechwa Essential Oil for its four A’s: antiseptic, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. This in combination with its natural preservative properties makes it the ideal ingredient to help treat acne prone skin.

  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate:

    Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a derivative of vitamin C, is an antioxidant that fights free radical damage caused by UV rays and environmental pollutants and stimulates collagen production in the skin. MAP hydrates the skin, decreases transepidermal water loss, improves overall elasticity, and combats hyperpigmentation.

  • Mango Butter:

    Rich in vitamins C and A, Mango Butter boosts collagen production and stimulates cell turnover. In addition, its hydrating properties soothe dryness and go down deep to give your skin the long lasting moisture it deserves.

  • Marshmallow Root Extract:

    Extracted from the roots of the A. Officinalis plant, Marshmallow Root stimulates cell and tissue regeneration and reduces overall swelling and puffiness in the skin.

  • Marula Oil:

    Extracted straight from the nut of the Marula Fruit, Marula delivers mega moisture and hydration to your skin. A relative of the cashew nut, Marula is packed full of the essential fatty acids naturally occurring in your epidermis.

  • Matrix Peptides:

    Matrix Peptides minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Thanks to their super low molecular weight, Matrix Peptides absorb quickly and easily into body to stimulate collagen production, resulting in firm and replenished skin like you’ve never seen before.

  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil:

    Derived from the seeds of the Limnanthes alba, Meadowfoam Seed Oil's long chain fatty acid structure and waxy texture gives it great barrier function, allowing it to lock in moisture and hydrate the hair. Additionally, Meadowfoam functions as a powerful antioxidant, protecting your hair from UV damage.

  • Moroccan Chamomile:

    A little chamomile goes a long way when it comes to skincare. Flavonoids and blue oils reach deep to target inflammation while bioactive and therapeutic phytochemicals work to soothe the skin. Factor in the natural healing and antimicrobial properties and you’ve got skin care gold.

  • N-acetyl Glucosamine:

    A derivative of of glucose, N-acetyl Glucosamine moisturizes and gives our skin the little nudge it needs to shed its outer most layer, helping us to gently exfoliate and replenish.

  • Niacinamide:

    Niacinamide, vitamin B3, prevents melanin from reaching the surface of the skin and protects the skin from further UV damage, making it ideal to prevent hyperpigmentation and sun damage on the onset. Niacinamide also has antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties and helps to reverse the decline of essential co-enzymes associated with aging.

  • Noni and SOD and Resveratrol Microemulsion:

    Our proprietary micronization process increases the solubility and absorption of these powerful bioactives, enhancing their bioavailability and reparative performance. Noni is a Pacific Rim fruit that’s one of the most powerful antioxidants on record and known for its wound-healing properties. SOD is an enzyme that neutralizes the most damaging of the free radicals, the super-oxide anion. Resveratrol is an extremely powerful antioxidant with extraordinary anti-aging properties. It preserves the skin’s youthfulness by protecting stem cells and mitochondrial DNA and reduces the signs of aging by redensifying the extracellular matrix.

  • Olive Fruit Oil:

    Olea Europaea Fruit Oil (Olive Oil): we love it on our salads and with our bread. But did you know it has incredible benefits for your skin? Rich in nutrients like the fatty acids oleic, palmitic, and linoleic acids that your skin needs to moisturize, Olive Oil is also an antimicrobial, with properties that inhibit bacterial enzymes.

  • Olive Leaf Extract:

    This bacteria-busting extract also provides the anti-inflammatory properties that troubled, blemish-prone skin craves. Antioxidant powers give it the added benefit of preventing the free radical damage that causes wrinkles.

  • Pacific Marine Bioactive Peptides:

    Peptides are links of amino acid that help your skin to produce collagen. These bioactive peptides from algaes and seaweeds provide the nourishment your skin needs to function at its best.

  • Papaya Seed Oil:

    Rich in B-Carotene carotenoids that repair UV damage, Papaya seed oil also contains an enzyme called papain, a natural exfoliant which helps shed dead skin cells, stimulate collagen and firm the skin.

  • Passion Fruit Oil:

    Rich in antioxidants like carotenoids and polyphenols, Passion Fruit Oil is a powerful free-radical fighting agent. Its high concentration of vitamin A and C reduces the appearance of aging by reversing damage, preserving collagen and elastin, and stimulating your body's own production of vitamin A.

  • Pearl Powder:

    This powder contains calcium carbonate and conchiolin, alternating layers of which create a pearl’s luster. Its light reflective qualities also make it ideal for cosmetic foundations where a lustrous finish is desired. Reflected light makes skin appear brighter, dark circles appear less dark and wrinkles appear shallower.

  • Phenethyl Alcohol:

    Finding a preservative system that will withstand the test of time without risk to human health is a challenge. Derived from rose, Phenethyl Alcohol is just that and is used to preserve the integrity of our ingredients.

  • Pomegranate Seed Oil:

    A rich, highly-prized oil that's off-the-charts high in antioxidants that fight free radicals and skin aging. It's also filled with punicic acid, a specific fatty acid that has potent anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Potassium Sorbate:

    A naturally occurring antimicrobial compound, Potassium Sorbate is a potassium salt of sorbic acid that’s used as a preservative to keep our products fresh and bacteria free without subjecting your body to harsh chemicals and toxins.

  • Prickly Pear Oil:

    Chock full of essential fatty acids like Omega 6 and 9, Prickly Pear Oil is like the fountain of youth when it comes to nutrient rich oils. Rich in amino acids that stimulate collagen production, Prickly Pear Oil encourages cell regeneration and gives your skin a solid boost of vitamin K to reduces dark circles and improve overall elasticity and smoothness.

  • Pumpkin Seed Oil:

    A natural source of zinc and selenium, pumpkin seed oil helps to balance sebum production, heal the skin and fight acne.

  • Red Pine Needle Oil:

    Red Pine Needle Oil holds an array of potent benefits for your skin. Its high antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties calm redness and swelling, and it has cleansing capabilities that fight bacteria.

  • Red Raspberry Seed Oil:

    Red raspberry seeds are filled with essential fatty acids, vitamin E, polyphenols as well as natural sun protective properties. Packed with carotenoids (vitamin A), they are high in linoleic acid and have powerful anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Resveratrol:

    An antioxidant polyphenol, Resveratrol fights both free radical damage and oxidative stress as well as the enzymes that break peptides in collagen, giving the skin a fuller, more youthful appearance. Resveratrol is especially effective in the the skin's battle against sun damage.

  • Rice Powder:

    An effective emollient, Rice Powder is the refined starch from rice also known as Oryza Sativa. When used as an exfoliant, Rice Powder buffs, removes debris, and smoothes, leaving you with soft and polished skin like you’ve never seen (or felt) before.

  • Rose Hip Seed Oil:

    Full of antioxidants, fatty acids, Vitamin C and Vitamin A, Rosehip Seed Oil is especially effective when it comes to combating signs of aging, replenishing collagen in the skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Additionally, Rosehip Seed Oil is known to improve the overall texture of the skin through its ability to deliver moisture to deeper layers in the skin.

  • Rosehip Seed Powder:

    Packed with benefits, this moisture-minded little ingredient gently exfoliates while simultaneously enriching the skin with retinol (Vitamin A) and a duo of essential fatty acids: linoleic acid (Omega-3) and linoleic acid (Omega-6).

  • Rosemary Extract:

    Originating from the Mediterranean Sea and Portugal, Rosemary Oil is rich in antioxidants like carnosic and rosmarinic acid, Rosemary Oil digs deep and inhibits free radicals by protecting the individual components of skin cells. Additionally, Rosemary Oil works wonders for acne prone skin as it is an anti-inflammatory, promoting circulation, and stimulating skin cell turnover.

  • Rosemary Oleoresin:

    An oil soluble antioxidant, this natural preservative helps fight free radical damage and works to prevent oxidation in our formulas.

  • Safflower Oil:

    An emollient loaded with extra benefits, Safflower Oil is rich in linoleic acid and essential vitamins that enhance the skin’s natural barrier. Naturally cleansing and incredibly hydrating, Safflower Oil removes dirt and excess oil and replenishes moisture and elasticity to give the skin a lustrous appearance.

  • Safflower Oil:

    Safflower Oil is rich in linoleic acid and essential vitamins that enhance your skin’s barrier. Providing you with serious cleansing and hydration, Safflower Oil removes dirt and excess oil while replenishing moisture and elasticity, giving the skin a lustrous and full appearance you won’t (and don’t) want to live without.

  • Sandalwood Hydrosol:

    This powerful antimicrobial is sustainably sourced exclusively from the dead wood of 30-plus-year-old Hawaiian sandalwood trees and worth every penny. Besides being rich in astringent and disinfecting properties that fend off acne-causing bacteria, it regenerates skin cells.

  • Sea Kelp Extract:

    Loaded with vitamins and nutrients which moisturize the skin, the folic acid in Sea Kelp activates cell regeneration which invigorates skin cells and tissue to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and totally renew our skin.

  • Sesame Seed Oil:

    This oil, highly prized in Ayurvedic medicine for its healing properties, penetrates into layers of the stratum corneum to reduce flaking and soothe and soften cracked skin. High in fatty acids like linoleic, palmitic, oleic and stearic that form the lipid protective barrier on the surface of the skin, it also helps the body retain moisture.

  • Shea Butter:

    Known primarily for its ability to provide deep moisture and replenish the skin, Shea Butter also has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-aging qualities as it is rich in compounds such as linoleic and stearic acid. Full of essential fatty acids and vitamins A and E which fight free radical damage, Shea Butter also minimizes the appearance of aging in the skin.

  • Silk Powder:

    High in protein and amino acids, Silk Powder is chock full of incredible benefits for our skin. From moisturizing to wound healing, Silk Powder buffs and brightens, promotes elasticity, and reduces fine lines and wrinkles to leave your skin smooth as silk itself.

  • Sodium Phytate:

    A chelating (bonding) agent, Sodium Phytate is the salt form of the corn-derived plant component phytic acid and helps to preserve our product.

  • Sorbitan Olivate:

    Sorbitan Olivate is an emulsifier derived from Olive Oil made of sorbitol, the alcohol of sucrose and the fatty acids from olive oil. It is known to increase skin's water retention and moisturize the skin.

  • Sucrose Cocoate:

    We use Sucrose Cocoate in our cleansers to give them a little lather but we love this ingredient for its naturally humectant properties. A hydrophilic emollient and moisturizer derived from sugar beets and coconut oil, Sucrose Cocoate is a total superstar when it comes to hydrating and renewing your skin.

  • Sunflower Oil:

    Rich in linoleic acid, Sunflower Oil is a potent hydrator that delivers knock-out nourishment for your skin. Sunflower Oil works to replenish fatty acids, maintain the skin barrier, decrease transepidermal water loss, and modulate inflammatory molecules.

  • Tamarind Seed Extract:

    Tamarind seed extract is rich in antioxidants such as vitamins C and A which help to fight free-radical damage and inflammation in the skin. A natural source of Alpha Hydroxy Acid, Tamarind also functions as a natural toner, balancing complexion, combating pigmentation, and naturally exfoliating to renew your skin.

  • Tapioca Flour:

    Derived from the tubular roots of the Manihot Esculenta (Cassava) Plant, Tapioca Flour works as an exfoliant, hydrator, and healer to make your skin tone even, nourished and scar-free.

  • Triglyceride:

    Derived from coconut oil and vegetable glycerin, Caprylic Triglyceride is an emollient and skin repairing ingredient found in many cosmetics. Caprylic Triglyceride easily penetrates the skin to deliver a high content of fatty acids that repair and moisturize the skin’s surface and reduce inflammation.

  • Tripeptides:

    A string of proteins made up of three amino acids, the compounds that serve as the building blocks for skin and body tissue, tripeptides are a powerful antidote to aging. They activate tissue growth factors that stimulate collagen production and prevent collagen degradation by inhibiting the natural enzymatic processes that breakdown collagen.

  • Tuberose Stem Cells:

    These stem cells derived from tuberose reduce circles, puffiness, crow’s feet and wrinkles on the eyelids. But that’s not all, they also brighten the eye area, moisturize, soothe skin irritation, and increase microcirculation for tighter, firmer skin around the eyes.

  • Vegetable Squalene:

    A powerful antioxidant and moisturizer, Vegetable Squalene fights free radical damage, hydrates skin, and reduces excess oil production.

  • Vitamin E:

    When it comes to combating and preventing signs of aging, vitamin E is your new best friend. Equipped with effective cell rejuvenating and moisturizing properties, vitamin E fights and repairs free-radical damage that causes wrinkles and brown spots, to give your skin a fresh look and feel that is oh, so good.

  • Wakame Bioferment:

    Wakame plant is known to have immune-stimulating, cancer preventing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-allergenic properties. Our proprietary bioferment detoxifies the skin by combating internal pollution in the mitochondria: the cell's energy hub. Wakame Bioferment delivers 'powerful antioxidant benefits' to your skin and works to minimize damage at the cellular level.

  • Watermelon Seed Oil:

    Rich in EFAs that restore skin’s elasticity, this light, highly absorptive oil is delicious for mature skin. It even helps the body to eliminate toxins through the skin.

  • White Tea Extract:

    Extremely emollient with incredible moisturizing benefits and antioxidants, white tea holds antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and astringent properties that fight bacteria and heal wounds. And as if that wasn’t enough, fights free-radical and UV damage, and also contains enzymes that increase collagen and elastin production.

  • Whole Oat Flour:

    Known primarily for its ability to soothe and calm, Oat Flour is packed with a whole lotta goodness, containing essential nutrients and antioxidants for maintaining healthy skin. Vitamins E, B1, and B9 fight free-radical damage and eliminate toxins from the body and the beta-glucan and polysaccharides work to moisturize, improve collagen production, and activate immune cells. Its unique composition and smooth texture makes for an excellent exfoliant that buffers skin without the harsh irritation.

  • Willow Bark Extract:

    A naturally occuring source of salicylic acid, we love Willow Bark Extract. It has all the benefits of synthetically derived salicylic acid - clearing the skin, reducing fine lines, shrinking pore size, and evening out pigmentation - without the risk of irritation!

  • Yangu Oil:

    Extracted from the seed of a beautiful African forest tree, we’re huge fans of Yangu Oil because of its inherent ultraviolet protection and high content of fatty acids and antioxidants that give the sun’s damaging rays a run for their money!

  • Zinc Oxide:

    Non-nano zinc oxide safely protects against the full UV spectrum, UVA as well as UVB. It works by reflecting UV rays rather than absorbing them. And, it’s highly stable, unlike most chemical sunscreens, which can generate free-radicals that cause skin damage.