Nourishing Shampoo - True Botanicals
Nourishing Shampoo
Nourishing Shampoo
Natural Hair & Natural Conditional - True Botanicals
Natural Hair & Natural Conditional - True Botanicals
Nourishing Shampoo
Nourishing Shampoo-True Botanicals
Nourishing Shampoo-True Botanicals
Nourishing Shampoo

Nourishing Shampoo


An antioxidant-packed botanicals shampoo that thoroughly cleans without stripping.

Full Size (8 fl oz | 240 ml)
Frequency Recommendation
We recommend the following replenishment cycle:
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  • Frequency
  • Once a day
  • Every 1 month
  • Every other day
  • Every 2 months
  • Less than twice a week
  • Every 3 months
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What it is
An award-winning, hypoallergenic, antioxidant-packed, hydrating shampoo with a luxurious lather that cleans without stripping, leaving your hair and scalp hydrated and nourished. Formulated for all hair types. The bright citrus ... and subtle floral notes immersed within the formula enchant the senses.
“Saved me!!”
Amy V.

“After a year of trying to heal my scalp while also nourishing my hair, I finally found something that helps my scalp psoriasis while also leaving my hair healthy! This has been a godsend! My hair is shiny and my scalp is calm.”

“Best shampoo I’ve ever used!”
Maggie M.

“I noticed a difference immediately after using this shampoo. My hair felt lighter, cleaner, and bouncier…you have to understand, my hair looks oily and greasy after like 12 hours. Now I can go at least two days without shampooing. Holy grail product.”

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  • Some shampoos can contain a staggering amount of chemicals, while other natural varieties provide a sudless wash and lackluster finish. Our sulfate-free Nourishing Shampoo uses a coconut-derived surfactant, so you'll ... enjoy a rich lather—without stripping hair of its natural oils. Green tea seed oil and aloe leaf extract combine with meadowfoam seed oil for an ultra-nourishing blend your hair will love.

Is this product effective for coarse, curly hair?

Yes, this nourishing shampoo is effective for all hair types.

Is the shampoo safe to use for color —treated hair?

Yes! The nourishing shampoo was formulated without any harsh surfactants or stripping ingredients, which makes them safe for color —treated hair.

Is the bottle recyclable?

Yes, the bottle is recyclable.

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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

How to Use

  • Shape

    Apply nourishing botanicals shampoo to wet hair and work into a lather. Rinse and follow with Nourishing Conditioner.

  • Combined Shape

    Repeat in the evening.

"This gorgeous, cruelty free, all natural, foamy magic can soften my hair and I use it on my kids so you know I'm not messin around."

-Olivia Wilde
True Botanicals
-Olivia Wilde