The Essential Dry Skin Survival Guide

03 06 2017

Is your skin dry, flaky, irritated and inflamed? Yep, ours too. Which is why we came up with a few tricks to revive dehydrated skin - and protect it against future winter dryness too!


Four Steps, Morning and Evening, for
Healthy, Beautiful Skin

01 04 2017

Part of creating a skincare habit is getting a good, solid routine in place. And if it’s simple and enjoyable, all the better! Here is our recommended routine for clean, clear, healthy, glowing skin - just four steps, morning and evening, to help you get your glow on.


Forget Everything You’ve heard.
This is how you treat acne.

12 26 2016

If you’ve dealt with acne, chances are you’ve tried things like benzoyl peroxide, retin-A, oil-free moisturizers and the like, all of which cause skin to dry out and therefore produce more oil to compensate. We’re here to tell you there’s a way better way. Our way of treating acne is gentle, moisturizing and--most importantly--effective.


Our Guide to a Healthy Holiday

12 07 2016

The holiday season has officially begun, and it’s no secret that all the decadent eating, late night festivities, extra cocktails, and hectic travel can take a toll. But, it doesn’t have to feel so crazy. We’ve put together a guide to all our favorite ways to keep the holidays feeling festive and healthy!


Take Care of Everyone on Your List

12 01 2016

Okay, so we might be a little biased, but we think we’ve got some pretty great gifts for everyone on your list. Make it easy for yourself and get your shopping done in one place. Just don’t forget a little something for the most important person: you!


Everything You Wanted to Know About Face Oils

11 01 2016

It turns out the skin care ingredient we've all feared the most is actually good for our skin.


Smart Tips For Aging Lips

10 25 2016

So, why do so many women and men rely on conventional lip balms that don’t address the issues of aging? This guide will help you understand the science behind aging lips and provide six smart tips to keep your lips looking young.


How to Brighten Up Your Post-Summer Sun Spots

10 05 2016

Regardless of the cause, there’s a (healthy, non-damaging) light at the end of the hyperpigmentation tunnel. With the right ingredients and a little TLC, you can actually brighten your complexion and even out your skin tone – with a safe, non-toxic solution.


Why MADE SAFE Matters

10 05 2016

When people say that MADE SAFE™ is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive product safety evaluation available today, it’s for good reason.


My own shop? Yes, please!

09 27 2016

MY SHOP is your very own place on our site that is all about you. It’s where you’ll find your True Team ready to problem solve, advise, and yes, recommend and explain products, specifically curated to your needs.


Exfoliation 101

08 29 2016

Here are our tips and tricks for achieving exfoliation success and avoiding exfoliation disaster, plus a lesson on the physiology of skin.


How Sun Exposure Ages Your Skin

08 24 2016

This guide is designed to give you the straight scoop on how and why the sun accelerates the aging process, causing everything from dehydration and wrinkles to sun spots and sagging... not to mention, skin cancer.


Beware the Toxins in Your Steamy Shower

08 04 2016

A shower makes a great start or end to a day… But what if the soaps and conditioners we use in the shower are making us sick?


How to Protect Your Skin's Natural Barrier Function

07 05 2016

Studies have shown that oils, specifically those high in linoleic acid, are easily absorbed into the top layers of skin and help to improve and boost barrier function.


Concerns About Retinol

06 17 2016

When we started True Botanicals, our mission wasn’t to make just another skin care line.


7 Nutrients That will Save Your Skin This Summer

06 10 2016

Protecting your skin from the sun is the best way to keep it youthful and radiant. And antioxidants are sunscreen’s powerful counterpart.


Why We Use Glass

04 20 2016

We use glass bottles for all our products to optimize the freshness and to our ingredients and also because they are the best choice when considering the environment.


We Are Inspired by The Conscious Kitchen

11 04 2015

The program’s success demonstrates that we have the power to change our currently flawed food system, one school at a time.


The Great Debate Face Oils vs. Creams

10 13 2015

Oils penetrate deep within the skin to the lipid barrier that diminishes as we age and is the source of dry skin.


Why Exfoliation Should Be Part of Your Skincare Routine

09 24 2015

Like most things in life, the key to a healthy relationship with exfoliation means balancing the risks and rewards.


Top of our list: THE RED LIST

09 23 2015

“You shouldn’t need a Ph.D in chemistry to choose safe cosmetics and personal care products.” —Campaign for Safe Cosmetics


Why is Creating Natural and Luxurious Hair Care So Challenging?

09 17 2015

The truth is, creating natural hair care products—ones you actually want to use—is way more challenging than you could ever imagine.


Hair Care is Here

09 16 2015

After years of experimentation and research, we are thrilled to be launching True Botanicals Shampoo and Conditioner.


Ingredients Matter: Sea Kelp

09 15 2015

Sea kelp is rich in nutrients like Vitamin C, niacin, and alginate, so it works wonders to hydrate, soften, and soothe your skin.


Ingredient Spotlight: Astaxanthin

09 04 2015

I adore this antioxidant, in part because it’s grown in one of my favorite places on earth: the Big Island of Hawaii.