Announcing the first skincare company that’s entirely MADE SAFE™ certified.

Certified MADE SAFE™

True Botanicals is the first skincare company to have its entire product line MADE SAFE™ certified. Given all the misinformation and hype in the beauty business, meeting the rigorous standards of MADE SAFE™ is definitely a brag-worthy accomplishment.

When people say that MADE SAFE™ is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive product safety evaluation available today, it’s for good reason. Most certifications rely on self-reporting. MADE SAFE™, on the other hand, has a team of scientists that exhaustively analyze each product to ensure that it doesn’t contain ingredients that are known or suspected by the global scientific community to cause human harm.

Their work is as thorough as it gets. Their scientists evaluate each and every material and chemical component to ensure it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients or release vapors, gases, or by-products that could impact human health. They also scrutinize the molecular makeup of a product and determine whether or not those ingredients and elements are safe for the intended use of the product.

As makers (and of course consumers) of skin care products with higher standards, we’re grateful for the level of confidence MADE SAFE Certified now gives us all. Their work creates a definitive line in the sand for our claim-loving industry. From now on, either a product is or is not MADE SAFE™.