All study subjects showed improved hydration within 24 hours. After a week of use, moisture levels soared even higher.

In an Independent Scientific Clinical Study (a 33-subject randomized trial conducted September 24 – October 11, 2018), we learned that Moisture Lock Overnight Mask, used with Pure Radiance Oil, improved skin surface hydration in 100% of participants, both 24 hours after application and following one week of use.






A potent partner for our bestselling Pure Radiance Face Oil.

Moisture Lock Overnight Mask is designed to supercharge your nighttime skincare routine, extending and enhancing the benefits of every step, so all study participants applied the mask after massaging Pure Radiance Oil (Renew or Clear, based on skin type) into cleansed skin.

A little goes a long way.

Before going to bed, participants applied a dime-sized dollop of Moisture Lock Overnight Mask. Suited for all skin types, including acne-prone, the formula is free of pore-clogging waxes.

Universally hydrating.

All participants demonstrated a statistically significant improvement in skin surface hydration within 24 hours of applying Moisture Lock Overnight Mask after Pure Radiance Oil. The average improvement relative to subject-specific baseline measurements was 25.2%. After a week of consistent use, skin surface hydration showed an average increase of 37.7%, which was also statistically significant.

Undeniable proof.

To ensure precision and accuracy, clinical researchers assessed the hydrating effect of Moisture Lock Overnight Mask throughout the study using a Corneometer®. This instrument, which works by measuring skin’s dielectric properties, is the global gold standard for determining the hydration level of the skin surface (stratum corneum).