Clinical Trial Results:
Clear Collection

The True Botanicals Clear products not only outperform Proactiv+
in doing away with acne, but they won’t dry out your skin either.

In an Independent Clinical Study (a 40 subject randomized, comparative evaluation of two acne treatment regimens, conducted 10/20-12/29), we learned that the True Botanicals CLEAR Collection (Clear Hydrating Cleanser, Clear Nutrient Toner, Clear Pure Radiance Oil and Clear Repair Serum) not only outperforms Proactiv+ in reducing acne lesions over time, but also significantly reduces skin dryness.


Summary of Results:

True Botanicals, CLEAR products demonstrated a statistically significant decrease in total acne lesions at the 4 and 8 week evaluation intervals.

Proactiv+ products demonstrated a statistically significant decrease in acne lesions at the 2 and 4 week evaluation but not at the 8 week evaluation, reinforcing that these products work initially but with a decreasing impact over time.

Over the period of the trial, True Botanicals users also exhibited a statistically significant decrease in skin dryness, while Proactiv+ users did not.