Renew Nutrient Mist-True Botanicals
Renew Nutrient Mist-True Botanicals
Renew Nutrient Mist-True Botanicals

Nutrient Mist


A hydrating face mist that quenches skin with antioxidants.

What it's good for
  • Dullness
Full Size (2 fl oz | 59 ml)
Every 1 Month
Frequency Recommendation
We recommend the following replenishment cycle:
  • Usage
  • Frequency
  • Multiple times a day
  • Every 1 month
  • Once or twice a day after cleansing
  • Every 2 months
  • On occasion; when my skin needs a boost
  • Every 3 months
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What it's good for
  • Dullness
What it is
Like a daily multi-vitamin for your skin, this ultra-hydrating face mist quenches and refreshes skin with a burst of antioxidants. And as an added bonus, it also sets makeup. Naturally ... scented with jasmine, neroli, and rose—as subtle and luxurious as nature itself. Hypoallergenic.
"Just an obsession!"
Sharon W.

"This is the most amazing mist I've ever tried. The smell is something out of my dreams. I've seen dramatic results since using, and so has my friends and family because they comment on my skin."

"Hydration Plus!"
Cynthia P.

"I absolutely love the Renew Nutrient Mist. It is hydrating and refreshing. I also use it anytime my skin needs a little boost of hydration."

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  • Unlike many other face mists, which are mostly water and fragrance, our Renew Nutrient Mist is packed with restorative ingredients that help renew and replenish skin. Antioxidants and Algae Extract ... help to protect and defend skin from environmental aggressors while preventing water loss giving skin a beautiful youthful glow. Kombucha helps restore skin’s pH, allowing for other skincare products to work more effectively.

Where do I incorporate this into my routine?

Spray hydrating mist onto face, neck, and chest after cleansing or anytime your skin needs a boost.

Can I mix the Nutrient Mist with the Vitamin C Booster?

Yes, you may mix 1-2 shakes of our Booster with a few sprays of Mist and pat gently into the skin.

Can I use this product as a setting spray for makeup?

Yes! We recommend 1-2 sprays to set your face makeup.

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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

How to Use

  • Shape

    Mist onto face, neck, and chest after cleansing or anytime your skin needs a boost.

  • Combined Shape

    Repeat in the evening, and follow up with Chebula Active Immunity Serum.

"I call the mist the gateway drug because once you try it you instantly want to try everything else True Botanicals makes. It smells so good that if you spray it on a plane or in an office, everyone turns and is like, What. Is. That."

-Olivia Wilde, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Actor & Activist
True Botanicals
-Olivia Wilde, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Actor & Activist