Pure Radiance Body Oil-True Botanicals
Pure Radiance Body Oil-True Botanicals
Pure Radiance Body Oil-True Botanicals
Pure Radiance Body Oil-True Botanicals

Pure Radiance Body Oil


A moisturizing oil blend that reveals your most radiant skin all over.

Full Size (3.9 fl oz | 144 ml)
Every 2 Months
Frequency Recommendation
We recommend the following replenishment cycle:
  • Usage
  • Frequency
  • Morning and night as my body oil
  • Every 1 month
  • Once a day as my body oil
  • Every 2 months
  • Not my only body oil
  • Every 3 months
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What it is
A hypoallergenic ultra-nourishing blend of some of nature's most powerful oils that reveals radiant skin all over. Skin feels nourished and silky—never greasy. Plus, it’s pregnancy-safe! ...
"Made a BIG difference"
Judy G.

"I am 83 years old and for the last three years I have noticed that my normal body lotions were not enough to hydrate my body. I have added Pure Radiance Body Oil after showering while my skin is moist and supple. Adding Pure Radiance Body Oil to my regime made a big difference. Now my skin feels hydrated and supple all day long."

"Skin looks more youthful!"
Alena C.

"Absolute one of my favorites! After shower I leave my skin a little bit damp and I apply the oil. I noticed that my skin has become more youthful and healthy looking. I threw away all my other body lotions because this oil is perfect for me. I use the oil twice a week and it is perfect."

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  • This moisturizing pure oil blend is formulated without any waxes or creams, which can often sit on the surface of the skin. Our body oil delivers a nourishing dose of ... antioxidants and essential fatty acids, making skin look and feel smoother. This luxurious blend of green tea seed, hemp seed, and sandalwood oil helps the skin have a radiant glow.

Can I use this oil as a shaving cream?

Yes, this product can be used as shaving cream.

Should I use a moisturizer after I apply the oil?

This Body Oil is incredibly nourishing and hydrating — no need to add a moisturizer.

Will this product keep my skin moisturized all day?

Yes, your skin will be hydrated all day!

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Key Ingredients

Key Ingredients

How to Use

  • Shape

    Apply our all natural body oil all over to moisturize. To maximize absorption, apply body oil right after showering or bathing while skin is damp. Can also be applied while in the bath. For best results, use with Resurfacing Body Mask.

  • Combined Shape

    Repeat in the evening.

"Throw out those globby moisturizers and replace with the Pure Radiance Body Oil. Its blend of antioxidants and fatty acids deeply hydrate and deliver nutrients, reviving our skin's vibrant and silky smooth texture. My skin feels regenerated and transformed."

-Olivia Wilde, Award-winning Filmmaker, Actor & Activist
True Botanicals
-Olivia Wilde, Award-winning Filmmaker, Actor & Activist